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tv   ABC 7 News at 1100  ABC  June 23, 2015 11:00pm-11:36pm EDT

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[captioning performed by the national captioning institute, which is responsible for its caption content and accuracy. visit] leon: up first at 11:00 stormwatch team coverage. another round of severe weather. the good news is, the severe weather is now over. our reporters are surveying the damage all over the region. let's start with meteorologist steve rudin. how does the rest of the night look? steve: a lot better. it took about six hours to get rid of the storms, and finally all of the warnings are down for the entire news viewing area. take a look for yourself. this map was originally all lit up. the worst of the storms have moved off towards the south and east of us. they will take a trip out to southern maryland where the storms are located right now. all this moves across the day.
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we have no active warnings out there right now and no watches. tomorrow looks a whole lot better. we will see warm conditions, lower humidity, a lot of sunshine. we will be in the lower 80's by the noontime our. highs in the upper 80's. talking about that forecast in a few minutes. leon: some of the worst hit areas are in montgomery county. jay korff is live tonight. he watched as the worst of it knocked down dozens of trees and knocked a shed 25 feet off its foundation. jay is live now near dickerson. jay: leon, a tremendous amount of damage at this farm. we believe this shot illustrates it test. check out this aren't behind me. that is the foundation over there. this storm ripped apart this
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eight-foot concrete foundation. 0 i'm just trying to get home. jay: pounding hail, wind, and rain unleashing widespread damage. >> it was like a monsoon. jay: navigating route 28 near dickerson proved dangerous, with countless downed trees and debris. >> kind of like driving through the jungle. there's trees and leaves all over the road. jay: just to get to oak ridge farm, owner david scott junior had to employ one of his biggest tractors to clear a massive tree blocking the road. what we witnessed proved mother nature overwhelming might.
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debris punched a hole through scott's house. >> it got really loud. jay: the storm tossed parts of a grain bin out into the soybean field. >> at least a quarter mile. jay: the wind even lifted a large barn 20 feet off its foundation. >> i didn't know what it was. it was powerful. jay: and he says it will take weeks to clean up dozens of trees that now litter the landscape. now back live, check out this amazing, what i'm shining this light on. this corrugated metal grain bin this is the original location where the grain bin was located. most of it is about up order mile that way. amazingly, no one was injured. live near dickerson, jay korff. leon: thanks. stunning to think it may not
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have been a tornado. more than 20 families are displaced after lightning ignited a fire on lakeside drive. that triggered a two-alarm fire. there were no injuries reported. the storms also brought down a tree at an apartment complex in germantown. the gutter was ripped off the roof. there was damage to the building. the tree also landed on top of somebody's mercedes suv in the parking lot. luckily there were no injuries. in fairfax county, crews dealt with 30 road closures. there were widespread power outages in that region. the road closures did last for several more hours. richard reeve joins us live with a look at what is ahead. what a mess out there. richard: it sure is. you can look behind me and see what they've got here.
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they have the flares in the middle of the road, the smoke going everywhere. police cars parked in the middle of the intersection. you can see why. check out these power lines. we saw some trees leaning on power lines. we also saw some power poles snapped. it began a lot earlier. let's look here on gw parkway. this is looking southbound. a tree brought that southbound left hand for quite a while. it caused a huge slowdown and problems. this poor guy went off into a ditch. in alexandria, picturesque shots of the lightning that was out there, just beautiful shots. that gives you a sense of how large this storm was. the big story tonight in fairfax was the issues with power. complete darkness along the braddock road corridor. you can see almost nothing here.
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no gas stations, no traffic lights, no shopping plazas. everything completely in the dark. it made for a huge headache for drivers. >> of course it is scary. getting back here, all the roads are blocked off. we had to cut through mason. it is usually a five minute trip. it took us about 45 minutes. richard: before we go, we wanted to show you, this is a giant food market plaza normally filled with people. completely in the dark right now. we saw this again and again, all up and down this area. it is going to be a difficult night for a lot of folks. live in fairfax, richard reid. leon: thanks, richard. let's stay in virginia. in alexandria, a tree fell on franklin street. there's some damage to the
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sidewalk. some wires are down as well. no word on how soon that's going to be cleaned up. across the potomac, people were heading home for the day, a lot of folks scrambling out there. tom roussey now with a look at this hour. tom: good evening from georgetown, where we saw an awful big tree that landed over here. crews have arrived to try to clean it up. it actually damaged a vehicle. first, let me show you some video. as the storms rolled through dupont circle, it happened at the tail end of rush-hour. it was a heck of a storm. folks were trying to run out of the way, but they weren't quick enough in most cases. the rain was coming down so hard and the wind was blowing as well. we drove around different parts of d.c., and it doesn't look like the damage in d.c. was
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anything like what you saw in maryland and virginia. back out here live, this vehicle has saw on it right now. it is dented right there because a tree landed on it. he just blew that off. you might be able to see some of the dense on the vehicle. believe it or not, the owner of that vehicle tells me the tree fell before the storm. i don't know if the storms over the weekend loosened up the tree, but she says it fell about 3:30, before the big storm that rolled through on rush-hour. reporting live in georgetown tom roussey. leon: thanks, tom. going to be hard to sleep with those chippers working overnight. 7 is on your side. sign up for text alerts from our stormwatch team. we will get you on your mobile device.
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breaking at this hour, a deadly accident in northern montgomery county. news chopper 7. a car hit a pole. no word on the exact circumstances. police say the response was affected by fallen wires in that area. new information about the only man arrested in the murders of a d.c. family and their housekeeper. cnn aired a special focus on the killings of tim: -- savvas and amy savopoulos. they say suspect daron wint's green card was already in jeopardy. integration was never notified about that arrest. >> daron wint was arrested in march and they never received those fingerprints until he was arrested for the quadruple martyrs. it tells me there is a breakdown in the system. leon: wint is due back in court
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july 2. tonight, frantic moments at the yellow line metro train. today, the operator's testimony was released from a hearing before the ntsb. he says he didn't think much about the smoke until he saw it. despite pleading to return the train to the platform, the command center told him to stand by. he says people were screaming and trying to break the glass doors. he says the command center eventually told him another train was already at the platform. still ahead, inside the arrest of suspected church gunman dylann roof, including the surprising thing officers bought for him. and new revelations
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leon: new developments tonight as we get our first look at
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video of the arrest of dylann roof. he is expected of shooting nine people to death in a south carolina church last week. just today, the police chief told the newspaper that roof was hungry at the time. officers bought him a burger king meal. the south carolina house will consider removing that confederate flag from the state capital that has caused so much controversy. some say that flag is a symbol of division and hate. major retailers including walmart and amazon have already removed products featuring that flag. eight states are looking to make changes when it comes to confederate symbols. that includes virginia and maryland. governor terry mccullough moved to get confederate license plates off the roads. the nearly 1600 plates that are currently on the roads will have to go. larry hogan in maryland says he's also against the plates.
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happening now, investigators are getting a better idea of the relationship between a former prison they left and two escaped prisoners. police say joyce mitchell used baked goods to smuggle hacksaw blades into the prison inside of frozen meat. matt and sweat escaped 18 days ago and are still on the run. six baltimore police officers pleaded not guilty in the death of freddie gray. gray died in april from a severe spinal cord injury that he suffered in custody. new details in his autopsy report were obtained by "the baltimore sun" and they indicated his injuries were caused when the transport van slow down. the officers' trial is scheduled for october 13. ,, the storm was part of the
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same system that sparked tornadoes last night in illinois, michigan, and ohio. there were winds of 160 miles per hour. a lot of folks had to be rescued out of their homes after storms moved through the region. there were no reported deaths. what a mess though. steve: thanks goodness, no tornadoes here. but the sky was scary. leon: it was a fireworks show. steve: look at this. this was our sunset earlier this evening at 8:30. once the storms cleared, looks nice. beautiful. all the storms are now to the south and east of us. they got the wheel going around 8:00. tomorrow will be a beautiful day. low humidity, cooling temperatures, and a lot of sunshine. though storms are now located on the tip of southern maryland. around the beltway, it is dry.
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looks what is going on to the left of us. our skies are beginning to clear. welcome news and a welcome change in terms of cooler temperatures on the way tomorrow. 96 degrees, that was our high at reagan national airport. tomorrow is going to feel much better. 76 degrees this hour. dew point levels are still in the lower 70's. give it another few hours. by the time we wake up tomorrow morning, it will feel a lot nicer in terms of not as sticky. 72 in gaithersburg, 70 in frederick, 70 in hagerstown. our temperatures are cooling down nicely. the coolest air well to the north of us. 88 degrees right now in norfolk. 88 in richmond. our nighttime low is 65-72
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degrees. a few lingering storms across southern maryland. otherwise, futurecast looks like this. great for the day tomorrow. as we move into the day on thursday clouds begin to increase. temperatures warm up a little more. we may see an isolated shower or a few rumbles of thunder. most of you won't see anything at all. tomorrow though, fantastic. not as humid, lots of sunshine. wind out of the north at 6-12 miles per hour. 87 on thursday, 84 on friday. by the time we get to the upcoming weekend, cooler temperatures. our models show around 76 degrees for saturday and sunday. sunday, high temperatures only in the 60's in one model. leon: are you serious? literally within a 4-5-day period, we get 60's, 70's, 80's,
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and 90's. steve: and heat index around 105. leon: things got a little crazy in the city and tonight. >> yes. we will talk football. long day for tom brady. he was in a new york court room
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>> now the toyota sports desk brought to you by your local toyota dealers. anchor: we will start with some baseball. nats and braves. stephen strasburg with his first start since being placed on the dl. it was a good night back for the young star. he had help from the bats as well. michael taylor rips one to left. after that, danny espinosa would hustle home to try to beat the play at the plate. he is safe.
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right now, they lead the braves 3-0 in the seventh inning. o's and red sox. o's with the 1-0 lead. david lough should sends one to left field. that is not coming back. o's take a 4-0 lead. they go on to win this 1, 6-4. college baseball world series. there is life in the sixth inning. bases loaded for tommy would drop. he gets the hit to center. that would be enough to bring in two runs. uva leads 3-0 in the eighth inning. until football. tom brady is not going to want to look at a courtroom ever again. he arrived at court 9:30 in the morning. his hearing lasted for 10 hours. that suspension, a result of reports from a new york attorney saying brady more than likely knew a the balls being
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deflated in that title game. the key for brady was to prove that the report is flawed and based on circumstantial evidence that was mischaracterized. there is no timetable for roger goodell to rule on that appeal. at verizon tonight, the l.a. sparks. pratt would try to get through the old-fashioned way with the and one. she finished with 24 the night. the final for this 1, 84-80. back to baseball for our play of the night. watch the foul ball. adrian gonzalez thought he had it. not so fast. the fan makes a barehanded catch. he has a baby in the other hand. gets a round of applause from the crowd, but the dodgers weren't happy. they determined that the fan interfered by reaching into the field of play. that was called and out.
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and a final note, the nba draft is this thursday. the wizards posted their final predraft event today. they talked about jerod hunter. leon: he is a shooter. he stepped up big time. i think his dad may come in the deal too. he is a good buddy of mine. coming up, the new deal in the air about unlimited flights. how much it will cost you and who is behind it, next.
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leon: stunning revelations about the deadly metro smoke incident. and, maryland and virginia move against license plates featuring the confederate flag. and steve's forecast for the week. all of those now on there are a lot of deals out there. how about this? all you can fly. a startup company allows you to fly unlimited flights on commercial airlines for a monthly fee of $1500. wi-fi, tsa pre-check access, and one bag included on every flight.
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the service is expected to go live this fall, with service on the west coast first.
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leon: ok, better times ahead. steve: temperatures in the upper 80's compared to the upper 90's we had today. 87 on thursday. just a chance of a passing thunderstorm. friday, not the greatest day. look at saturday and sunday. it is going to be a cool weekend, a wet weekend. i think these temperatures may be a bit optimistic. look for those to possibly go down. leon: ok. after a day like today, we'll take it area that's it for
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